Reaching-out To People during Lockdown Days.

This is the time to stay At home with the Corona Virus news all around. It was implemented in the country to ensure that the spread of corona virus is minimized in the country. The decision was taken at the apt moment by our Prime Minister Shri NarendraModi, which has helped in drastically reducing the pandemic in our country, looking to the size of the country and the population.

Jaipur has also followed the implementation of lockdown, and looking to the number of cases of Corona positive people, we can surely say that it would vanish very fast from our country. It would not be incorrect to inform that this is the time to plan for the business in sunny days. As soon as the lockdown would be over business would normalize gradually in the manner it was doing earlier.

This lockdown has taught us good lessons to keep on rolling even if one is not physically present. As most of the newspapers which were the physical product till the time this lockdown was implemented, has started reaching to our households through digital formats. Lots of PDF formats are pushed every day to our mobile phones, which has started finding its place with the readers. This way mobiles have become more handy than other mediums like the news-portals etc. There is a buzz that the data consumption has increased drastically. This one can find if one is getting the recharge done using a prepaid mobile. Most mobile companies have doubled the data plan which is helping people to consume these content coming to them.

Omnindia is a company dealing in mobile media solutions. If you want to know what mobile solution is, in simpler terms it helps you to reach out to the mobile users in the country?  As all the mobile users are linked to some or the other operator, Omnindia helps you to reach out to these users. Omnindia can even help you plan your campaign seeing to your requirement of the audiences. The data can be gathered by understanding the requirement, which help is filtering the people whom one wants to reach out. More information can be gathered by reaching out to the website

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