• Mobile Media Solution: Mobile media solutions are the services offered by us using mobile media platform. As the mobile density is 90% + in the country, it is the most optimal medium to reach out to the young audiences. With the data getting easily available it is the most valuable medium to communicate to the users. We deal with more than 70 crore mobile users in the country, and deal with 2 prominent telecom operators of the country.

  • Targeted SMS and voice calls (OBD) is majorly used to target mobile customers in accordance to once requirement. The targeting of customers help the companies to look for relevant customers for their services or products, from the universe. The targeting can be done on the basis of age, sex, mobile handset, demographics. The behavioral pattern of the user can also be tracked which help the companies to know how the customers behaves. This help the companies to reach out to right target audience. These messages are pushed by the telecom companies on the database which is as fresh as 2 days. Now every client pushing the campaign is properly registered with the operator which is reducing unnecessary traffic of SMS landing in one’s mobile.
  • Bulk SMS/ OBDs are used to target audiences when the client wants to reach out to masses. These are usually the customers which have some point of time been connected by the companies. It is usually used to communicate and re-target these audiences. A cost effective way to stay connected with your ongoing clients.

The best performance of voice /OBD campaigns are usually targeted to connect to rural audiences. As there are many who are not hands-on reading messages on mobile. These can be targeted by direct voice call coming on the handset explaining the product or service.

Whatsapp – Integration

We offer all kind of possible solutions on Whatsapp platform like:

  1. Business Integration platform with CRM for transactional messaging
  2. Bulk messaging for mass reach
  3. Link based Whatsapp solution (on shared server) with number tracking
  4. Whatsapp bot integration